Barrett Can’t Back Up Claims

Twice in two days

Tom Barrett, the Democratic gubernatorial challenger to GOP incumbent Scott Walker, has hammered Walker for cutting public education funding, but was unable to identify any particular Wisconsin schools that have been harmed by Walker’s policies.

The Weekly Standard reports:

TWS: Which school districts have been hurt in particular, in your view, by Walker's policies and his reforms? Are there any that stand out in your mind?

BARRETT: Well, I support the restoration of collective bargaining rights. And that's what this is all about—whether you support workers' rights. And I support workers’ rights.

TWS: But are there any school districts in particular, though, that have been hurt by Act 10?

BARRETT: I have talked to prison guards, I can tell you that, who are concerned about their own public safety because of the changes in the law, and I'm very concerned about that as well

TWS: But no school districts—

BARRETT: We can do an analysis and get back to you on that.

According to a study released by the MacIver Institute, the school districts exempted from Walker’s collective bargaining reforms comprise 13 percent of Wisconsin public education staff, but accounted for 43 percent of public school teacher layoffs statewide, indicating that Walker’s policies, where they have been implemented, have saved teachers’ jobs.

This is not Barrett’s first failed attempt to substantiate charges leveled against Walker: Yesterday, the Weekly Standard reported that Barrett "was unable to name a single policy he'd pursue as governor in the next six months to create jobs."