Tom Barrett

Five Democrats Bill Clinton Couldn’t Save

Al Gore, Hillary, Terry McAuliffe, Martha Coakley, Tom Barrett—and Obama may be next

Bill Clinton’s address tonight is one of the most highly anticipated speeches of the Democratic National Convention. Here are five Democrats Bill Clinton was unable to save. Will Barack Obama be the next?

Their Finest Hour

Polls open in Wisconsin

Polls opened Tuesday morning in Wisconsin’s special recall election, where voters will decide whether incumbent GOP Gov. Scott Walker will remain in office or be replaced by Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

Hateful Rhetoric

Rev. Jesse Jackson says GOP Gov. Walker is segregating Wisconsin

Speaking at two rallies Sunday and Monday, Rev. Jesse Jackson compared Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker to segregationist Alabama governor George Wallace and said Walker is perpetuating segregation in Milwaukee.

Moment of Decision

Turnout models favor Republican incumbent in Wisconsin recall

Turnout will be the key to Wisconsin’s gubernatorial recall election on Tuesday—and polls and early voting suggest Republican Gov. Scott Walker holds an edge over Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

Mahlon Mitchell’s No Vote

Wisconsin Dem candidate for Lt. Gov did not vote until 2010, records show

Democrat Mahlon Mitchell, who is challenging incumbent Wisconsin GOP Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch in Tuesday’s special recall election, recently told Jeremy Segal of the blog Rebel Pundit that he was not engaged in politics before 2008. Mitchell did not vote until 2010, records show.

Raging for the Machine

Rockers, rappers lead Democratic GOTV effort in Wisconsin

Left-wing musicians took to the stage Friday in Madison, Wisconsin to rally the union-faithful in the days leading up to the state’s recall election for Gov. Scott Walker.

Bubba and Barrett

Former president stumps for Democrat in Wisconsin recall

Former President Bill Clinton took time from his regular schedule of raising money for his foundation to stump for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s Democrat opponent in the state’s upcoming recall election.

Unions Disappointed in DNC

AFSCME Prez: DNC ‘should have done more’ in Wisc.

The head of one of the nation’s largest public-sector unions said national Democrats haven’t done enough to support the recall effort against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.