AP’s Prostitution Disaster

The Associated Press has a prostitution problem and is petitioning the commander of the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department’s Third District to remedy it, according to an internal memo obtained by reporter Jim Romenesko.

In response to a "resurgence of the prostitution problem" outside of its D.C. bureau, Ed Tobias, manager of Business Continuity and Disaster Planning for the AP, has sought to designate the bureau a "prostitution free zone," according to the memo.

Tobias informed AP employees about the problem via a memo:

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I’ve been in touch with the commander of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Third District about the resurgence of the prostitution problem in front of our bureau. My email included a request that the 1100 block of 13th Street be designated as a "prostitution free zone." If designated as such, police officers would have an easier time making arrests for loitering.

Jacob Kishter, a commander at the Metropolitan Police Department, responded:

Thanks Ed we will address. Also, the prostitution free zones are under legal review so [sic] currently so they are not being used, but we can definitely do some undercover work in the area.