‘A Mandated Socialistic System’

Biden in 2008 opposed individual mandate

BuzzFeed has unearthed video from 2008 of Vice President Joe Biden voicing opposition to the individual mandate that would eventually become the central component of Obamacare.

"One word American’s don’t like, mandate, they don’t like the word mandate," Biden said during a forum on health care reform. "I don’t want to make this hard, I want to make this simple, and not susceptible to what some of the insurance companies and the right wing will argue this is: a mandated socialistic system. I don’t want Harry and Louise eating me alive. Remember Harry and Louise?"

"Harry and Louise" is a reference to the fictional couple featured in an ad campaign that is largely credited with derailing President Clinton’s attempt at health care reform in the mid-1990s.

Biden’s assessment turned out to be right. The president’s health care law, on which the Supreme Court is expected to rule sometime next week, remains very unpopular. A recent New York Times/CBS News poll found that 41 percent of Americans want the entire law thrown out, and another 27 percent want the individual mandate to be struck down.