2020 Man of the Year: Bomb That Returned Home

Unexploded bomb at Cape Hatteras beach / National Park Service
December 30, 2020

America has gone undefeated in world wars because everyone has done their part. From Ike all the way down to ladies putting bombs together, nobody wavered in their commitment to blowing up the bad guys.

That holds true for the ordnance those ladies were assembling, too.

In October, an unexploded 100-pound aerial bomb from World War II came ashore at Cape Hatteras Beach in North Carolina, in the noble hope of being put into action at last. Motivated by the cause of freedom, this indefatigable explosive spent nearly a century lost at sea, journeying longer than any of its compatriots but with the same glorious goal.

With its odyssey over on the beaches of its homeland, the bomb at last fulfilled its reason for being and was detonated, giving residents a satisfying conflagration before surfing resumed.

The bomb provided some excitement for the quiet town of Buxton, but it also demonstrated dedication worthy of a Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year.

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