2017 Man of the Year: Openly Non-Woke Boy

If you listen to the mainstream media, the rise of woke elementary-schoolers has continued inexorably into 2017. These children seem to always have political opinions that reflect adult commentators' grievances. However, there is one brave boy who refused to be co-opted into a movement turning childhood into a training program for activism.

This hero, described only as a "small boy," thrice denied a woman's attempts to superimpose the mantle of wokeness upon him. While she hawked the garish picture book A Is for Activist, he informed her that he was neither an activist, nor an ally, nor an advocate.

By peddling a miniature communist manifesto barely disguised as children's literature at a sidewalk restaurant in Washington, D.C., this woman was clearly demonstrating her need for some gentle-but-firm correction. America may have some work to do in restoring the principles of true masculinity, but this boy showed that there is hope for the next generation to correct course.

While his peers lose sleep over Trump's tweets, gender representation in board games, and whatever else their parents think will cause the second Holocaust, this boy can get to work being a kid. And he'll do so as a Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year.