2017 Men of the Year: U.S. Armed Forces

An F/A-18 Hornet takes off from the deck of the USS George H.W. Bush in the Atlantic ocean2017 was a year of momentum for American troops under the esteemed command of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. The Pentagon chief helped lead U.S.-led coalition forces to military victory in the Middle East through an accelerated offensive campaign that forced jihadists to abandon their ambitions of establishing a global caliphate.

2017 Man of the Year: Robert Lee

Robert LeeRobert Lee is a consummate professional, a gentleman, and an icon in Virginia. He earned the nickname "Granny Lee" for his melodious counter tenor pitch and relaxed, subtle approach to sports announcing, an antidote to both the exaggerated macho baritone and over-the-top exuberance embraced by much of the broadcasting industry in recent years.

2017 Man of the Year: Joe Ricketts

Joe RickettsJoe Ricketts built brokerage giant TD Ameritrade from the ground up in the American heartland, becoming a self-made billionaire and creating thousands of jobs in the process. In 2017, he again exemplified the American Dream by firing a bunch of whiny ingrates.

2017 Man of the Year: Cuban Flag Guy

Video grab showing a man who burst in front of the May Day march waving a U.S. flag, at Revolution Square in Havana / Getty ImagesOn May 1, five million Cubans marched behind a banner. The banner read: "NUESTRA FORTALEZA ES LA UNIDAD," Spanish for, roughly, "Please send American dollars. We are starving." The solitary figure, a black man, emerged from beneath the first "u." He sprinted through the empty street waving a different banner: the United States flag. In full view of dictator Raul Castro.

2017 Man of the Year: The Hon. Bill O’Neill

Bill O'NeillDon Giovanni. Casanova. Lord Byron. Isaac Hayes. Makeup-era KISS members. Shock G a.k.a. "Humpty Hump." These are but a sampling of history's greatest lovers: suave, well-dressed, unfailingly doughty and irresistibly potent specimens of the male sex who elevated fornication to the level of art.

2017 Man of the Year: Openly Non-Woke Boy

Young protesters shout on the National Mall in Washington, DC, for the Women's MarchIf you listen to the mainstream media, the rise of woke elementary-schoolers has continued inexorably into 2017. These children seem to always have political opinions that reflect adult commentators' grievances. However, there is one brave boy who refused to be co-opted into a movement turning childhood into a training program for activism.