Continetti: Trump’s Economic Message is Stronger than Biden’s

• September 8, 2020 9:06 pm


Washington Free Beacon founding editor Matthew Continetti said Tuesday that Donald Trump's apparent strength with Latino voters is due to his focus on the economy.

"There's this misconception that Latino voters vote solely on immigration," Continetti said on Fox News's Special Report. "That's not the case. What's more important to them is the economy, and Trump's economic message, I think, is more powerful than Joe Biden's."

He added that if Trump prevails in November, the Biden-Harris campaign may regret not focusing more on outreach to Latino voters at the Democratic National Convention. Recent polling out of Florida showed Trump with an edge over Biden among Latino voters.

The Trump campaign is also scheduling more in-person campaign events than the Biden campaign is. Continetti said the two presidential candidates represented two opposite approaches to the coronavirus pandemic.

"They are two very different candidates modeling two different types of campaigns: the president trying to demonstrate that America is back and that we are putting the pandemic behind us, Biden still very much believing that we need to take steps to contain and then suppress the virus," Continetti said.

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