SHOCKER: The People Behind China’s One-Child Policy Love Abortion

Hu Xijin / Wikimedia Commons
• June 24, 2022 3:11 pm


A top propagandist for the Chinese Communist Party, an organization known for brutally enforcing its one-child policy, on Friday slammed the U.S. Supreme Court for abolishing federal abortion protections.

"This change is painful for those women who have unintended pregnancy, many will face a hard life," said Hu Xijin, a commentator and former editor of the state-controlled Global Times. Hu was responding to the Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, removing constitutional protections for abortion.

"And this change happens in the U.S. that advocates human rights vigorously," said Hu. "Pathetic."

China's propagandists frequently weigh in on American political and social issues to promote pro-Beijing narratives and to distract from the Communist regime's human rights record. Hu has cast doubt on the effectiveness of Pfizer's vaccine for the coronavirus. He also accused the United States of stoking pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.

Hu's latest rhetoric mimics that of Democrats upset with the Supreme Court decision. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) said Friday the Supreme Court was "eviscerating American rights."

Like the Democratic Party, the Chinese government is a staunch proponent of abortion. Beijing from 1980 to 2015 enforced a "one-child" policy to slow population growth. The policy led to the selective abortions of girls. The Chinese government has also forced abortions, birth control, and sterilization on hundreds of thousands of Uyghur Muslims living in western China in order to slow their birth rates, according to reports.

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