Woman Wards Off Home Invader With Her Gun

"If he was coming in, I was going to clear the magazine and protect myself"

December 21, 2015

A Dallas, Texas woman defended her life with a firearm Friday after a man broke down the front door of her home and attempted to break down the door to the bathroom she was hiding in.

"I heard the alarm go off, and I thought, ‘someone is breaking in,’" Pamela Miller told WFAA. She then called her husband, retrieved her gun, and hid inside a bathroom. After telling her husband about the home invader she immediately called the police from inside the locked bathroom.

"I am talking to 911 in the bathroom," she told the news station. "I could hear him coming through the living room to the bedroom, and he kicked the bedroom door in."

Miller prayed that the intruder wouldn't try to come through the bathroom door but was prepared in case he did.

"He kicked the bathroom door once, and I fired the shot," she said.

After firing the first shot, she stopped to see if the burglar would continue to try and get at her. Instead, the first shot did the trick and the home invader ran out of the house. However, Miller was prepared to continue defending herself if she had needed to.

"If he was coming in, I was going to clear the magazine and protect myself," she told WFAA.

By the time police arrived the robber had escaped. The authorities are currently using images captured by the Miller's surveillance system to search for the suspect.