White House Not Sure If Obama Is Aware of Own Tweets

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest admitted Monday that he's not sure if President Obama reads his own tweets.

The Twitter handle "@BarackObama" is primarily maintained by Organizing for Action (OFA), a 501(c)(4) organization formed by reorganizing the Obama campaign after the election, except for tweets signed "BO." Jonathan Karl asked Earnest whether the president is aware of OFA's other tweets in his name: "Does he even read the others, does know they're going out? Are they reviewed by senior people at the White House or is that just simply OFA doing something on his behalf?"

Karl asked in particular about this tweet, sent after the Supreme Court's ruling in the Hobby Lobby case:

"Does the president believe that because of the Hobby Lobby decision, women are not allowed to make their own decisions about their health care?" Karl asked.

Earnest replied, "That is certainly true of women in some cases, and that's the concern that this administration has."

When Karl asked whether the president was aware of that tweet, specifically, Earnest conceded, "I'm not sure if he was aware of that tweet. Because the Twitter handle is maintained independent of the White House, I was not aware of it.

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