Vox Asks Twitter How Obamacare Impacted Their Lives, Gets Flood of Negative Responses

February 17, 2017

Vox asked Twitter users on Wednesday for stories on how the Affordable Care Act affected their lives, appearing to expect positive responses about former President Obama's chief legislative achievement.

What the liberal publication got instead was a flood of stories highlighting skyrocketing premium costs and health care insurance loss, among other things.

"The ACA essentially saved my life," said a Vox reader in a quote posted to the publication's Twitter timeline. Vox tweeted, "Tell us how the Affordable Care Act has impacted your life," above that quote.

Twitter users responded with stories that had a more negative tone, Twitchy reported. Some respondents told stories of how Obamacare made their premiums "skyrocket."

Others told stories of how Obamacare affected their jobs and businesses by making it more difficult to expand and hire employees.

Several said Obamacare prompted them to switch party affiliation.

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