Virginia: Personal Information is Being Stolen After Enrolling in Obamacare

February 5, 2014

A Virginia man and woman are claiming that personal information they submitted to the Obamacare website has been compromised and poses security threats to them. Rich Guillory signed up for health insurance through the Obamacare website. The next day, he received calls from people offering to help him find and purchase health insurance.

They knew his name and number. When Guillory signed up for health insurance, he gave the website his address, phone number and social security number. Guillory did not have time to speak with them the first time they called, but the mystery caller persisted, contacting Guillory over seven times.

When he called the number back, a lady answered the phone but said she did not know what he was talking about. He called the other number. It was a different woman. She said it was the fourth call she had received.

The mystery caller phoned Guillory again. This time, he confronted the caller, asking why the number he had called back was a wrong number. The mystery caller hung up. Guillory wants to know how the mystery callers obtained his number, how they knew he was interested in purchasing health insurance, how they know his name, and who exactly the mystery callers are.

The other victim, a woman who refused to be identified, shared her story with WVEC-VA. She also received calls and is concerned for her safety.

The mystery callers used a technique called "spoofing" on the woman, where it is made to look like she was the one making the calls. "I don’t know what they’re seeing on the Caller ID, whether my full name is popping up or not - I’m not certain, and the possibility of that even, is scary," she said.

Heather Engel, a cyber security expert revealed, "It’s easier than you think, to make it look like you’re calling from a different number than you actually are." Ingalls says that she believes that intrusion into the Obamacare website could be to blame for the mystery callers obtaining Guillory and the other victim’s information.

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