Udall on Obamacare Vote: ‘I Would Do It Again’

It’s Great for ‘Adult Children’

Colorado Incumbent Sen. Mark Udall (D.) said he would vote for Obamacare again if he had the opportunity, adding that the law works for "adult children," like his son, Jedediah.

In an interview with 850 KOA in Denver last week, "Colorado Morning News" host Steffan Tubbs asked if Udall had "any regrets at all" about Obamacare.  "Would you still cast the same vote?" Tubbs asked.

Udall: We had a broken system that allowed insurance companies to drop people with no notice and refuse coverage.  So in the end, we had to act.  We had to fix a broken system.  We now have a system that’s far from perfect, but my focus is on making it work for Coloradans, and that’s the Colorado spirit.  We can’t go back to the time when if you were a woman insurance companies could drop your coverage.  Too many families went into bankruptcy because of health care costs.  So in the end, we did the right thing.  The law is far from perfect.  My focus is on making it work for Colorado.

Tubbs: So you’d do it again?

Udall: I would do it again.  Yes.  I think, look, if I were there I would say here are some things we should have done differently, here are some things that would make more sense.  But we’re on track, you’re going to see some important numbers, new enrollees, you have many more people on Medicaid.  And by the way, the law allows you to cover your adult children up the age of 26, which is a big deal, because a lot of young adults can’t afford coverage.  And I’ve been able to encourage my two adult children to be in the exchange—they’re on the Colorado exchange.  By the way, it is settled law, let’s make it work.  That’s the Colorado attitude.  That’s what I hear all over the state.

Udall praised the passage of Obamacare when it was signed into law four years ago, and took credit for writing some of its provisions.

Calling it "historic," Udall said, "I'm pleased that the bill also includes provisions I authored with the input of Coloradans."

"Very soon, the Senate will take up a series of improvements to the bill, and although the final bill isn't perfect, I look forward to casting that last vote," he said.

Roughly 250,000 Coloradans have had their insurance plans canceled due to Obamacare.

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