Students Protesting Trump’s Travel Ban Can’t Name 7 Countries Targeted


Fox News personality Jesse Watters took to the streets on Tuesday to interview high school students in Manhattan who were skipping class to protest President Trump's travel ban in Foley Square.

Watters tested the students on the president's executive order, which temporarily halts citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States over terrorism concerns.

Some of the students did not seem too knowledgable of the policy, Fox News reported.

"Which nations are on the travel ban list?" Watters asked one student.

"Well, as of right now I'm not completely sure about the actual countries," the student said.

Countries listed by the students included Afghanistan and Lebanon, which are not part of the travel ban.

Watters asked one woman, "Why don't you want people extremely vetted before they come here from those countries?"

"Why should they be extremely vetted?" the woman responded.

After Watters told the student that the countries could serve as terrorist safe havens, she responded, "America is a haven of terrorism."

Watters asked another student if he believes in borders.

"If you're cool and all, you're coming in to help me, I'm cool with that. But you're not coming here to mess things up," the student said.

"So don't you want to check to see if someone is ‘cool' before you let them in?" Watters asked.

"Oh, of course, you always want to check. That's why we have our airports," the high school student responded.

Nick Bolger

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Nick Bolger was a Media Analyst for the Washington Free Beacon. He is from southern Michigan. Nick graduated from Miami University with a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science in 2015.

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