Rattner Admits: U.S. Has ‘No Energy Policy’

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Steve Rattner, what's the president doing on energy here?

STEVE RATTNER: Well, first of all, what you just referred to really doesn't have a lot to do honestly with what this president did or previous presidents.¬†We effectively have no energy policy. This is really the market at work. This is higher prices bringing out more supply, higher prices causing people to drive less–the resession having a huge impact on energy demand in this country. The president is saying like every president, we need to do something. And he is saying that what we need to do should be a mix of everything, that we need to drill, that we need to have solar, we need alternatives, we need conservation. He is trying to go down the middle and say we should have every piece of the energy puzzle. But the fact is, we haven't done anything at a government level to develop any of those things.