Palestinian Display Mannequins Wield Knives Outside ‘Hitler’ Shop

Image via Facebook/Mohammed Asad
November 2, 2015

A store in Gaza named "Hitler" has armed its display mannequins with knives as Palestinians continue to wage knife attacks on Israelis in the region, according to photographs shared on social media.

photo posted to Facebook by Mohammed Asad, a self-described photo journalist, shows two mannequins outside a store holding Palestinian flags and wielding knives. They are flanked by two more mannequins wearing scarves with the pattern of the Palestinian flag on them.

"A Palestinian man display manikin wearing national clothes to show solidarity with the al-Aqsa mosque compound [and] Palestinians in the West Bank, at his shop, in Gaza city, on Nov. 01, 2015," the photographer captioned the picture.

According to the blog Israellycool, a photo posted on Facebook by the Shebab News Agency that was later removed showed that the mannequins were posed outside a store called "Hitler."

Despite an agreement to lessen violence brokered by the United States late last month, Palestinians have continued to target Israelis for several weeks, using knives, guns, and other weapons to carry out the attacks.

According to Israeli authorities, Palestinians murdered 10 Israelis in over 30 separate attacks just in October. Dozens of Palestinians have also died in clashes with Israeli security forces, nearly half of them after attacking Israelis.

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