Poll: Over Half of Americans Disapprove of Obamacare / AP
September 8, 2016

A majority of Americans disapprove of Obamacare, according to a new Gallup poll released Thursday.

Fifty-one percent of the poll respondents said they have a negative view of the Affordable Care Act, while 44 percent of Americans support the health care law. Only 18 percent of those surveyed said that Obamacare has helped them, the Hill noted.

Gallup mentioned in its release that insurance companies have made significant moves leaving the Obamacare exchanges.

Insurance giant Aetna decided in August to pull out of most of the healthcare exchanges it had entered in 2014 and announced it would not expand into any more states. This news followed similar announcements from other major insurers such as United Healthcare and Humana.

Gallup also noted that the cost of many Americans’ health care plans is expected to increase "significantly" in the coming years.

The survey found that 29 percent of Americans believe Obamacare has hurt them and their family, an increase of 3 percent since May, and the highest figure Gallup has measured to date.

Negative feelings toward Obamacare have increased since last November, when 49 percent of respondents disapproved of the health care law and 47 percent approved.

The day before the poll was released, the Boston Herald reported that analysts say health care costs have skyrocketed in Massachusetts since Obamacare was implemented.