Obama’s Claims of Support for Israel Exaggerated

• March 5, 2012 1:28 pm


Despite claims to the contrary, President Barack Obama has not always had Israel’s back, according to the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin.

"There are a whole bunch of facts that Obama left out of his gauzy recitation of his record on Israel" during his speech before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s annual conference, Rubin writes.

Citing as proof of this, Rubin refers to a new documentary about Obama and Israel that was released over the weekend by the Emergency Committee for Israel.

Rubin writes:

Obama told the AIPAC attendees a fractured fairy tale. But for friends of Israel (Jewish and non-Jewish), the facts don’t back up Obama’s extraordinary claim that he was there for Israel "every single time."

As former deputy national security advisor Elliott Abrams explains, "Military and intelligence cooperation is excellent, and American diplomatic support for an isolated Israel was repeatedly (though not always, as he suggested) forthcoming. Still, any effort to paper over the differences between his administration and the Netanyahu government—or worse yet, to make believe there really are no important differences—was bound to fail." Facts are stubborn things, and Obama’s record is so error-strewn and so different in tenor from predecessors that no speech can paper over the last three years.


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