Obamacare Too Expensive For Woman With Prosthetic Leg

Doris Lester, a prosthetic wearer who lost her left leg last year, cannot afford Obamacare and is worried she will not be able to afford treatment for her prosthetics.

She has also been plagued by high blood pressure and diabetes.

Lester's original prosthesis came from Alabama Artificial Limb with a grant from Easter Seals. The prosthesis needs to be adjusted regularly.

"Her leg got so small that it was hurting her kneecap, so then she couldn't walk," her doctor said.

Her prosthesis requires expensive supplies – the liner that goes against her skin costs $800 a piece.

Lester sat down with her medical team and attempted to enroll in Obamacare for three hours, but was unsuccessful- Doris could not afford any of the plans.

"The Disability that I get on 951 and the insurance that the employee looked over, it would be $400," which is too expensive for her, she explained to WSFA-AL.

She sent her application in two weeks ago and has been told that it will take her application four to six weeks to process through the Alabama Medicaid system.

Thankfully, Lester's doctors are standing by her and calling supply companies to find her affordable prosthetics and she has volunteered to be a model patient for students at Alabama State, providing a small bit of relief amidst a lot of uncertainty.