Obamacare Architect Earned Millions from Taxpayers

The full printout of Obamacare legislation / AP
• November 19, 2014 11:43 am


Controversial Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber and his firm earned millions in federal and state contracts during the past 15 years, Fox News reports.

Gruber made most of his money from his Gruber Microsimulation Model, which has an access rate of about $400,000.

Most famously, the Department of Health and Human Services retained Gruber in March 2009 to produce, as the contract stipulated, "a series of technical memoranda on the estimated changes in health insurance coverage and associated costs and impacts to the government under alternative specifications of health system reform."

That contract netted Gruber $95,000, and an additional HHS contract, inked that June, added $297,600 to the deal – steering almost $400,000 to the creator of the Gruber Microsimulation Model. Still another contract with the agency, as reported here, was said to have exceeded $2 million in value since 2007.

The National Institutes of Health clinched a deal for a like amount ($2.05 million), and the Department of Justice contracted with Gruber for nearly $1.74 million. DOJ? You might ask. Why would the Justice Department be hiring the architect of ObamaCare? Records show Gruber earned the DOJ fee for helping to develop viable incentives to be extended to the tobacco companies in order to dissuade them from targeting teen smokers.

Similarly, Gruber collected $103,500 from the State Department for his services as an expert witness, providing testimony in a NAFTA dispute with a Canadian tobacco firm.

Gruber also received millions from state contracts with Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, among several other states.

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