MSNBC Holds Segment on the Trumps’ Marriage and Whether FLOTUS Is Happy

MSNBC devoted a segment on Wednesday to analyzing the Trumps' marriage and whether First Lady Melania Trump is happy.

Host Kate Snow was talking to the Washington Post's Paul Schwartzman about his recent article on Melania and her public appearances.

Snow asked Schwartzman about whether Trump was uncomfortable in the role of first lady. Schwartzman said it seems that she was.

"She's a model who lived with this rich guy, and now she is the first lady of the United States and that’s a whole different ball game," Schwartzman said. "And yes, she looks really uncomfortable."

Snow also brought up that a friend of Melania's told Schwartzman that she was happy.

"Yeah, I mean, you sort of expect that they’re going say that," Schwartz said. "I was a little surprised that she actually vouched for the quality of the marriage, because, you know, given Mr. Trump’s history, you know, there’s certainly a lot of questions about him and his relationships with women."

"But yeah, there you have it. She said that they’re happy and she’s happy and everything's great. So I guess we’ll take her word for it for the time being," Schwartzman continued.

Snow and Schwartzman then analyzed Melania's recent public appearances.

"All she is doing is costing the taxpayers a lot of money living in New York, and I think that's a problem in certain segments of the population," Schwartzman said.

Snow also called the Trumps' son Barron, "Bannon."