Larry Sabato: Pelosi’s Obamacare Embrace Is A Loser For Dems

'The majority who oppose Obamacare are much more charged up'

Director of the University of Virginia's Center for Politics Larry Sabato warned House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's (D., Calif.) push for her party to embrace Obamacare could have serious consequences for Democrats in the midterm elections next fall.

Sabato, speaking this afternoon on Fox News, said Pelosi's problem is she is trying to push an issue that the majority of the public has already decided they don't like.

"The problem that is, when you are on the offense, using your time in the public arena, to discuss a subject that people have more or less already made up their minds about and don't like it, you're wasting your time in the arena," he said.

Sabato also pointed out the minority of the public that does favor Obamacare is not very enthusiastic about it, a possible recipe for disaster in midterm elections.

"But the majority who oppose Obamacare are much more charged up, and they're the people who tend to turn up in a low turnout midterm election."