How Do You Sell Obamacare to 'Stupid' American Voters? Don't Tell 'Em

November 17, 2014

In the wake of Jonathan Gruber's revealing comments on how Obamacare was sold to the American public, ReasonTV released a parody video Monday summarizing the Obama administration's approach to rushing the unpopular health care law through Congress: "Don't Tell 'Em."

The satirical music video, a parody of Jeremih's 2014 hit "Don't Tell 'Em,"  portrays 2009 Obamacare strategy meeting during which top advisers discuss lies they could tell to the American public to pass Obamacare.

"Folks would be aghast if this law would be passed but thankfully they are so dumb," one adviser sang during the meeting. "Sure, our team can't build a website in three years but they're the ones who are so dumb."

"So what's the strategy?" another adviser asked.

"Don't tell 'em," the first adviser said.

"When folks ask what's in it you lie through the tooth," one adviser instructed the other. "Our ideas are so good we can't tell the truth."

The parody video also takes a swipe at pop culture icons Bill Cosby and Lena Dunham--both of whom have been in the news for sexual misconduct--the former for 'improper scoring' (a tactic Gruber used and bragged about after passing Obamacare) and the latter for 'looking inside something three years old' (what Obamacare proponents assumed would never happen).