European Parliament Votes Against Making Abortion a Human Right

• October 23, 2013 9:47 am


The European Parliament rejected a report on Tuesday  that recommended nations in the European Union (EU) declare abortion as a human right.

Conscientious objections by doctors and existing legal limits on abortion were singled out by the report as reasons for forcing EU member states to guarantee abortion as an individual’s right. Life News reports:

"This measure claims to be a human rights issue yet it fundamentally ignores the human rights of the three key people involved in this tragic act.  It ignores the most basic right, the right to life, of the baby at the center of the whole issue.  It ignores women’s real needs by hiding them behind the iron curtain of abortion rhetoric.  And it ignores the conscience of the doctor, who is being asked to end a human life after spending years training how to preserve it," Sullivan said. "The European Union should not be asking physicians to suppress their consciences; it should be trying to find its own."

After the voting was complete, 351 MEPs voted to send the pro-abortion bill back to committee while 319 voted against the move to zap the legislation.


The proposed legislation seeks to require member nations to "regulate and monitor the use of conscientious objection so as to ensure that reproductive health care is guaranteed as an individual’s right, while access to lawful services is ensured and appropriate and affordable referrals systems are in place."

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