Embattled Cover Oregon Director Resigns

• January 3, 2014 11:20 am


Obamacare continues to draw anger as another healthcare official has resigned due to the poor execution of a healthcare exchange.

Rocky King, Cover Oregon’s executive director, gave notice of his impending resignation on Jan. 1.

King originally took medical leave on Dec. 2, with Oregon Health Authority director Bruce Goldberg taking over the post on a temporary basis. When he announced his medical leave, King said that an undisclosed medical condition that had previously affected his work had once again forced him to take his leave.

He will officially resign on March 5. King has come under fire from lawmakers, reporters, and insurance executives in past months due to the exchange not enrolling anyone since its launch.

His upcoming performance review is also a likely reason for his resignation, a claim King vehemently denied. He earns $181,000 a year and there have been whispers that his salary was not commensurate with his actual job performance.

Steve Andrews, a frustrated applicant, expressed his ire with King’s ineptitude, telling KOIN: "If anybody gets sick in between health insurance coverages and has to go to the emergency room, they could end up with a $20,000 – $30,000 bill without health insurance, and for most families that is devastating. All we are going to get is a bunch of finger pointing."

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