DNC Hypes Obamacare After Latest Delay Announcement


The Democratic Party declared that "Obamacare is working" on Monday minutes after the White House announced that it would delay the law’s individual mandate for millions of businesses.

The White House said on Monday that businesses with fewer than 100 employees will not be forced to provide health insurance to those employees until 2016, as the law requires.

Minutes later, the Democratic National Committee emailed supporters extolling the law’s successes. It linked to a DNC petition website where visitors can declare their support for President Barack Obama’s "year of action."

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The president has said that if Congress will not pass key items on his legislative agenda that he will use his "pen and phone"–allusions to executive orders and legislative arm-twisting–to force the measures through.

One of the earliest moves in his "year of action," it seems, is to delay yet another aspect of the law.