CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Repeatedly Interrupts Florida GOP House Member in Heated Interview on Guns

• February 21, 2018 7:06 pm


CNN host Brooke Baldwin on Wednesday repeatedly interrupted Florida State Rep. Matt Caldwell (R.) during a heated interview on guns.

Caldwell, a supporter of gun rights, appeared on CNN with Florida State Sen. Kevin Rader (D.), a proponent of stricter gun control who represents Parkland, where Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the site of last week's deadly shooting that killed 17 people, is located.

A visibly angry Baldwin pressed Caldwell on his vote against a motion to debate a bill that would ban assault weapons. She then referenced a Florida House resolution that declares pornography a public health risk.

"Why is pornography a bigger health risk than semiautomatic weapons in the hands of a deranged individual?" Baldwin asked.

"Listen, we have got to focus on what is really going to make a difference—" Caldwell said before Baldwin interjected.

"Representative Caldwell, why is pornography a bigger health risk than a semiautomatic weapon in the hands of a deranged individual?" Baldwin asked. "Answer my question please, sir."

"We shouldn't have weapons in the hands of deranged individuals—" Caldwell started before Baldwin interrupted again.

"Why is that worthy of a debate? Why is pornography worthy of a debate and not semiautomatic weapons? Just answer me that," Baldwin said.

Later in the interview when Caldwell attempted to talk again, Baldwin interrupted him shortly into his response.

"Stop going to your talking points, sir! Stop!" Baldwin said.

Baldwin also called an AR-15 a weapon used in war, although an AR-15 is a civilian semiautomatic firearm.

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