CNN: Democrats in Disarray on Obamacare Messaging

Politico’s Maggie Haberman revealed that Democrats are in a muddle as to how they should best address the Obamacare mess ahead of the upcoming elections.

John King reported the latest Obamacare enrollment numbers on CNN’s New Day. We know how many Americans signed up, but we do not know how many have paid, or the breakdown of enrollees by age, he said.

This uncertainty and confusion has led to confusion for Democrats, Haberman explained.

"You’re not seeing anything like a unified message coming out of Democrats so far," she said, referencing the mixed reactions from Democrats after they were defeated in the Florida special election in which Republican David Jolly won over Democrat Alex Sink. Haberman said she spoke to Democrats after the election and said they are divided on how they had responded to the Obamacare fiasco. Some Democrats feel that they are on the right track, while others insist that despite their best efforts, their Obamacare messaging is proving to be futile.

"They’re still finding their way and I don’t think you’re going to see a whole lot of embracing it for a while," Haberman said.