Climate Protester Hung Up When Confronted About Failed Eco-Doomsday Predictions

A climate protester hung up during a radio interview when he was confronted about past environmental doomsday predictions that never occurred.

Mike Tidwell, who is the founder and director of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, was being interviewed on WMAL's Mornings on the Mall while he participated in the climate protests in Washington, D.C.

Radio co-host Vince Coglianese asked Tidwell, "For many years you've seen dire climate predictions come and go, all of which have turned out to be untrue. So why is this one different? Why is this time the time when we only have a couple of years left?"

"So you're breaking up a little bit. But, I mean the science has been the same all along," Tidwell responded. "Rising temperatures have not changed going back to the 1950s."

Co-host Mary Walter quickly interjected and asked if Tildwell could hear her. He confirmed he could hear but he hung up shortly after when Walter began to confront him with failed environmental predictions from the past.

"They said in 1971, a new ice age was coming. In 1972, according to the Washington Post, Brown University putting it out that we would have a new ice age on the horizon. October of 1974, NOAA, this is from the Guardian, satellite images show a new ice age coming fast—oh he hung up," Walter said.

Walter was citing a new report, issued by the pro-free market Competitive Enterprise Institute, which documented more than 50 years of what it calls "notably wild predictions from notable people in government and science."

Climate protesters have pledged to disrupt traffic on Monday by blocking intersections all across Washington, D.C.