Cheney: If Democrats Continue to Refuse to Secure the Border, They Won’t Be in the Majority for Long

Rep. Liz Cheney (R., Wy.) predicted Monday that Democrats will not spend much time in control of the House if they continue refusing to secure the border.

"If the Democrats are going to use their majority in the House of Representatives to block the funds that are necessary to secure the American people, then they won't have their majority for very long," Cheney told "Fox & Friends" host Steve Doocy.

For over a month, President Donald Trump and Congress were in a standoff over funding for Trump's proposed wall along the southern border. The standoff resulted in a partial government shutdown which ended Friday after Trump announced a deal that would fund the government for three weeks while he and Congress work on a deal pertaining to border security.

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It is uncertain if the two parties can come to an agreement in the next three weeks, since Trump has expressed his determination to get funding for a wall. Meanwhile, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) is adamant that no money will be used for a wall and has even went as far to call the wall "immoral."

"And I think certainly we are in a situation where the president said we have got to get this money to secure the border, we have got to get this money for a wall, and the Democrats refuse, continuously, to come to the table to negotiate. So, now he is calling their bluff and we are all very hopeful they will now do what's right for the country," Cheney added.

"Alright, the government is now reopened," Doocy said. "But Nancy Pelosi, I don't think she was joking when she said a wall is immoral and ‘I'll give a dollar.' So, if she is the leader of the House conference, it's hard to get around her, although [House Majority Leader] Steny Hoyer said sometimes walls work. So what's going on over there?" .

"I think that you are going to find that there is increasing pressure on the, particularly some of the freshman Democrats who were just elected who represent districts that Republicans previously held where those constituents want the country secure," Cheney said. "They want the border secure. I think Speaker Pelosi's position that she is only willing to provide a dollar, it's just not serious, and it's frankly not leadership."