CBS News Held Video of Trump Urging Supporters Not to Attack Minorities

Donald Trump
Donald Trump in the Oval Office / AP

CBS News is under scrutiny for holding a video clip for two days of Donald Trump telling supporters not to attack minorities.

The president-elect spoke to Lesley Stall on 60 minutes for his first televised sit-down interview since winning the election. The interview was taped on Friday but did not air until Sunday night.

Stall informed Trump during their conversation that there had been various attacks on minorities since the election on Tuesday by some of his supporters.

"I am very surprised to hear that. I hate to hear it," Trump said.

Trump then urged those committing the attacks against minorities to stop.

"I am so sorry to hear it and I say stop it," he said. The president-elect then looked directly into the camera. "And I say right to the camera, stop it."

CBS released clips to preview the interview, but they only addressed Trump's stance on the Affordable Care Act, the Hill reported.

"We chose to release a quote on the issue that affects the most Americans & that was his statement on Obamacare," a CBS spokesperson told CNN on Monday.

Some in the media were not satisfied with that explanation.

Protests have taken place all over the country since the election. Some of the protests against Trump have turned violent, including last Thursday when a protestor was shot in Portland.

Trump said in the interview that he would bring the country together and address some of the deep divisions that are on display.