Teacher Who Tweeted About Covington Student Leaves District With Payout, Vacation

Douglas County teacher Michelle Grissom
Douglas County teacher Michelle Grissom / Youtube
• June 3, 2019 2:30 pm


Michelle Grissom, a Colorado teacher who called a Covington Catholic student a member of the "Hitler Youth," has left the school district with a payout and paid vacation.

Grissom came to an agreement with Douglas County School District last week in which she will receive $25,000 in addition to the 14 weeks of paid time off that she already received, according to KUSA television.

Earlier this year, Grissom stepped into controversy with her comments on social media about the Covington Catholic students. The students came under fire after a video of their tense encounter with a Native American man went viral. When the video began to go viral, Grissom wrongly identified a student at Covington Catholic as being the instigator. She proceeded to put his name online and called him "Hitler Youth." The student named by Grissom was at a basketball game in Kentucky when he was accused, his family said.

"His name is [redacted]. His twitter account is closed to non followers so we won't interfere with his training in the #HitlerYouth," Grissom's tweet read.

After the error, Grissom deleted her Twitter account and resigned from the teacher's union board. The school district also placed her on paid leave.

Since then, the school district and Grissom were in negotiations about her continued employment. According to the agreement, her resignation became official on May 1 and she is prohibited working for the Douglas County School District again.

"We believe the agreement is in the best interest of the Douglas County School District as it addresses our community's concerns regarding Ms. Grissom's continued employment, avoids the distraction of the ongoing dismissal litigation, and ends the continued expense and uncertainty involved in the teacher dismissal process," the superintendent, Dr. Thomas S. Tucker, said in a statement.

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