Soon You’ll Be Able to Legally Own This Flamethrower

The XM42 is being billed by its creators, Ion Productions, as the "world’s first commercially available handheld flamethrower."

The company said it will launch a crowdfunding campaign on March 25 using fundraising website Indiegogo.

"We wanted to develop something fun that looked and performed awesome," the company's website said. "With the help of local machine shops, we were able to bring the design to reality with a quality working prototype."

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"Now it’s time for production."

Engadet's Andrew Tarantola suggested the flamethrower, which will cost either $699 or $799, might be useful "long-distance s'more baking, home defense, and showing those raccoons that keep knocking over your trash who's boss."

There is one state where the personal flamethrower will be illegal: California.