New Video Shows Mizzou Professor Melissa Click Yelling and Swearing at Cops

February 16, 2016

A new video released Saturday by the Columbia Missourian shows University of Missouri professor Melissa Click yelling and shouting profanities at police officers.

In October, Click joined students who were protesting during the Mizzou homecoming parade. The protest obstructed the parade, which resulted in police officers being called to the scene. The video is from the body cameras of the police officers.

The video shows the protestors and Click in the middle of the road when two officers approached them. The officers ordered the protestors to get off the road. The protestors listened and slowly made their way off the street. But as police officers guided the protestors off the road, Click put herself between the protestors and the officers and started to yell at the officers.

"Get your hands off the children," Click said as she shielded protestors from the officers. For a part of the video, the camera captures Click face as she yells at the officers. 

An officer grabbed her shoulder, and that's when Click shouted profanity.

"Get your fucking hands off me," Click told the officer.

This isn't the first time Click has been caught on a video that has caused controversy. Back in November, Click found herself in trouble after she shouted down student journalist Mark Schierbecker. Click called for some "muscle" to get rid of Schierbecker during a protest about race relations on campus.

Click was charged with third-degree assault for her actions against Scheirbecker, and she has been suspended from the university pending further investigation.