Megyn Kelly Mocked on Twitter for Saying She's 'Done With Politics' During New Show Debut

Megyn Kelly / Getty
September 25, 2017

NBC host Megyn Kelly declared Monday that she is "done with politics for now" during the debut of her new daytime show, leading Twitter to mock the former Fox News anchor for attempting to leave her past behind and move into a softer kind of news coverage.

"The truth is, I'm kind of done with politics for now," Kelly said on "Megyn Kelly Today." "I know. You know why, right? We all feel it. It's everywhere, and it's gotten so dark, and I'm just like, over [it]."

Twitter users quickly responded to Kelly's comments, writing that she may not be completely done with politics and referencing her past reporting, Mashable reported.

"As NBC tries to sell us a warm and fuzzy 'kinda done with politics' Megyn Kelly, a reminder of what she did in her old job," a HuffPost editor wrote. She linked to a Media Matters video compilation of Kelly talking about race issues and police relations with the black community.

Other journalists and writers had similar comments for Kelly, referencing her new show's potential guests and her attempt to leave her political reporting career behind.

Some felt the whole show was just plain awkward.

For her second show on Tuesday, Kelly will continue her deviation from politics and be joined by the cast of the television drama series "This Is Us."

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