Florida Mail Carrier Throws Out the Mail

August 17, 2016

Through rain, snow, sleet and hail, the mail must go through ... to the trash.

A mail carrier was caught by a security camera throwing out a bag of correspondence into a dumpster near Fort Myers, Florida. Shortly after pulling up to the dumpster in a United States Postal Service truck, the carrier gets out and threw out a bin of mail.

Much of the mail that ended up in the trash were advertisements from a realtor; however checks, bills and personal letters were also among the discarded mail, NBC 2 in Southwest Florida said.

Louie Rondao, who owns a pizza restaurant, saw the postal employee throw the mail into his dumpster. Upon inspecting the dumpster's contents, the mail was discovered. The owner contacted the Postal Service on Saturday. Agents with the Postal Service did not arrive until Monday.

"I called down to my wife. I said check the garbage can, I just saw something really bizarre. Sure enough, she confirmed there was mail here from people and a lot of postcards," Rondao said. "Somebody's missing checks and payments. There were bills, and I think there were some personal letters."

Mail tampering is a federal offense. The carrier has not yet been identified.