Choir Sings ‘Battle Hymn of the Republic’ as WWII Soldier’s Remains Taken off Plane

Screenshot from video taken by Diane Hollifield Cupp of Iowa Ambassadors of Music Choir honoring fallen World War II veteran.

The Iowa Ambassadors of Music Choir found a unique way to honor a fallen World War II veteran.

The choir was on a flight returning from Germany to the United States, along with an Army private who was escorting the remains of a soldier who fought in World War II. After the plane landed in Atlanta, the pilot announced the private would be exiting the plane first, explaining his mission and that he would be continuing his trip to Houston, the fallen soldier’s final destination.

As the veteran’s remains were being carried off the plane, the Iowa Ambassadors broke out into an impromptu performance of the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" to honor the veteran.

Diane Hollifeld Cupp caught the scene on video and uploaded it to Facebook. The video has since been shared over 1,000 times and viewed over 120,000 times.

In an interview with Channel 2 Action News in Atlanta, Cupp said, "It was absolutely beautiful, to see the respect that these kids had, I just had to capture it. It was an awesome treat for me and something I will never forget."