Carol Costello Announces Departure From CNN

CNN host Carol Costello, who hosts the daily show "Newsroom" from 9 to 11 a.m., announced Monday that she will be leaving the network and moving to Los Angeles to join HLN.

"Friday will be my last day at CNN. I'm not leaving the family, though. I'll be heading to Los Angeles to anchor a new show on HLN," Costello emotionally toldĀ her viewers.

Costello explained the decision was a personal one that she was making to be closer to her husband, who had moved to Los Angeles last year.

"Last year my husband snagged a fantastic job in Los Angeles at LMU, and I kinda miss him," Costello continued. "I don't want to get too emotional, but I will miss you, too."

Costello thanked her viewers for engaging with her throughout her time at CNN and said she would give her final goodbye on Friday.

According to her bio page on CNN, Costello joined the network in 2001.