Beckel Evaluates Bieber’s Manhood

'That guy ain't got two inches'

Bob Beckel delivered some insightful analysis on Justin Bieber's recent bucket urinating antics Wednesday on "The Five":

BOB BECKEL: My only comment is if you look at that tape really closely girls, the guy is not carrying much and that's all I got to say.

ANDREA TANTAROS: Why did he unzip his pants and yell "Bill Clinton"?

GREG GUTFELD: I don't know.

ANDREA TANTAROS: I know Bill Clinton is associated with unzipping of pants, but usually not young boys.

BOB BECKEL: That guy ain't got two inches.

GREG GUTFELD: All right thanks, Bob, for that – we should have got out of this segment about 30 seconds ago. I should have listened to the producer but I didn't.