All-Media Audience Cheers Black Character Killing White Family in Movie

Actors Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams on the set of "Get Out" / AP
February 24, 2017

Members of the media cheered during a screening of the racial horror-comedy film Get Out when the black protagonist murdered an all-white family one-by-one.

Conservative film critic Armond White reported the "all-media" audience's reaction on Friday, in his scathing review of the film in National Review.

The New York Film Critics Circle removed White from its group after he allegedly made insulting comments about black director Steve McQueen during an annual awards ceremony. He called McQueen an "embarrassing doorman and garbageman," according to Entertainment Weekly.

White compared the film's director Jordan Peele, of Comedy Central's "Key and Peele," to President Barack Obama in how he handled racial tension.

"In Get Out, just as Obama did, Peele exploits racial discomfort, irresponsibly playing racial grief and racist relief off against each other, subjecting imagination and identification to political sway," White wrote.

White complained that Get Out used "trite 'post-racial' ironies' that protected Obama, and cites one of the main character's comments about the former president.

"The comedy side churns out trite 'post-racial' ironies that have defined political humor for the past eight years (protecting and defending former president Obama) and that now threaten to continue in bizarre guises like this. Rose informs Chris that her parents (Bradley Whitford and Catherine Keener) 'would have voted for Obama a third time if they could,'" he wrote.