Yale Civil War Historian Calls Republican Party the 'New Confederacy'

Students walk through the campus of Yale University / Getty Images
September 22, 2020

A prominent Yale University historian said Sunday that Republicans have become a "new Confederacy" out to undermine American institutions.

David Blight, a Pulitzer Prize-winning Civil War historian, took to Twitter to argue that the GOP is seeking to "tear us apart and take down our institutions in order to own them. We need to say some things out loud about who and what they are."

History professors across the country, including University of Rhode Island professor Erik Loomis and Monmouth University professor Walter Greason, are lauding the sentiment.

"Appropriate post? Yes.... I welcome colleagues online. [Judging] students' politics? Never," Greason told the Washington Free Beacon. "My classrooms ask questions, encouraging inquiry."

Blight and Loomis did not respond to requests for comment.