This Week in Campus Insanity Vol. 44

University of Michigan
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• May 15, 2021 4:55 am


Welcome back to Campus Insanity, a weekly roundup of the craziest developments at our nation's 4,000-plus institutions of "higher education." 

6. Penn State Nixes Labels Such As ‘Freshman,' ‘Junior,' and ‘Senior,' Citing Lack of Gender Inclusivity | Daily Wire

Faculty at Pennsylvania State University approved an "inclusive language" measure to remove gendered words from university documents. Penn State "has grown out of a typically male-centered world," according to a faculty resolution, which said terms like "freshman" are "parallel to Western male father-son naming conventions."

5. LSU Names New President Who Has Long History of Critical Race Theory Publications | Campus Reform

Dr. William F. Tate IV is set to take the helm of Louisiana State University in July. The former provost of the University of South Carolina wrote articles promoting critical race theory—the idea that America is inherently racist—in the 90s. Tate attributes educational achievement disparities to "institutional and structural racism" and claimed that "students of color are more segregated than ever before."

4. Student Government Resolution Targets Christian Charity That Urges Pregnant Women to Choose Life | The College Fix

Colorado State University's student government proposed a resolution that would ban the Alpha Center—a pro-life nonprofit that provides free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds to women—from advertising services on campus. One student senator compared the organization's work to "oppression and colonization" in a meeting discussing the measure.

3. Students Launch Communist Club at Columbia University | The College Fix

A group of students at Columbia University launched "Columbia Communists," an organization dedicated to "leftist discussion" and "mutual aid." The group's logo is a modified version of Columbia's crown emblem, topped with a hammer and sickle.

2. Three UMass Students Suspended After Taking Photo Outdoors Without Masks | Campus Reform

The University of Massachusetts Amherst reportedly suspended three freshman students and blocked them from taking their final exams because they posted a picture of themselves outdoors without their masks on. The school's hockey team, however, was allowed to celebrate its national championship victory earlier this year, video of which shows several members of the team without masks. 

1. Michigan Student Government Uses Hamas Attacks to Push Anti-Israel BDS Movement | Washington Free Beacon

In a letter Tuesday, student leaders at the University of Michigan condemned the school for its "complicity in Israel's violence" and advocated for the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement. Michigan's Central Student Government criticized Israel in the letter for defending itself against terrorist rocket fire. Hamas militants launched more than 1,750 rockets toward Israel over the past week, killing at least seven. Israel's targeted counterstrikes have killed several dozen terrorists and taken out weapons caches in the Gaza Strip. 

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