Yesterday's Senate testimony by Pentagon leaders revealed a rift in the White House on policy toward Syria.

Senate Democrats are struggling to come up with an alternative to the upcoming sequester.

John McCain has settled into the role of the Senate's "grand inquisitor" on foreign affairs since his 2008 presidential campaign.

Iran is accusing the U.S. of imposing sanctions ahead of June elections to instill added tension in the country.

Departing Obama advisor and anti-genocide expert Samantha Power may not have had the "sharp elbows" for Washington.

Even though his beloved Buckeyes didn't offer him a scholarship, star cornerback Reon Dawson professed on National Signing Day that he'd be a Ohio State fan until he dies. Trouble is, he's signed with Michigan. 

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler plans to attend a legislative hearing in Hawaii today on a bill that bears his name and would limit people's freedom to take photos and video of celebrities. Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, and the Osbornes are among other celebrities that have submitted testimony supporting it already.

New England is about to get pummeled by a blizzard, with Boston looking at a possible two feet of snow.