Soros Gets Caught Up in the Game

George Soros and Adriana Ferreyr / Splash News
• March 12, 2013 3:24 pm


Disagree all you want with George Soros on his political and ideological views, you got to recognize the man for reaching rarified air: getting a Hall Pass.

So it's fair to understand the Hungarian Hugh Hefner having to lawyer up after getting sloppy with his harem and being on the receiving end of a glass lamp.

The New York Post has the dirt:

Soros’ papers state: "Soros and Adriana Ferreyr . . . engaged in a physically intimate relationship over the course of several years. [They] continued to date other people. [At the time of the alleged assault in 2010] Soros was approximately 80 years old, and Ferreyr was approx. 27 years old."

Soros’ suit claims the fight started "while lying in bed" when "Ferreyr asked Soros about the status of the apartment . . . Soros informed her that another woman with whom he had a relationship was living in Apt. 7C, and that the other woman was very happy living there."

Being a liberal Scrooge McDuck has its perks. You get to burn more than $25 million attempting to topple America’s greatest living president when it might have been more prudent to just literally light that money on fire to warm up the various impoverished groups you support worldwide. You divorce your second wife and the mother to two of your children and rebound with this. You get to enjoy the companionship of a woman half a century your junior in an open relationship in which your life resembles the ‘Big Pimpin’ music video.

But then the progressive Thurston Howell III went and broke rule numero uno in the Game: He discussed his jump offs with his starter chick while in bed. C'mon man—if you're going to break the news to Ferreyr at least talk about it when you’re in line for a Frosty at Wendy’s.

Because no matter how much money the real life Monty Burns has, it’s all come down to a case of He Said, She Said.

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