Six Best Moments of the Hot New Carl's Jr. Ad, in Gifs

September 30, 2015

It seems like every new Carl's Jr. ad is better than the last one. The latest features the new Tex Mex Bacon Thickburger and, more importantly, eight nearly perfect women wearing very little of anything.

The girls play a game of volleyball to decide whether the burger is more Tex or more Mex. It's both—but who cares.

Some have said that the ad raises the "hot issue" of immigration because the game is being played over a border wall.

The wall is noticeably much too short, and certainly would not get Donald Trump's stamp of approval.

Trump's wall would be both bigger and more fantastic. Trump would also certainly open the "big, very beautiful door" on his wall for the girls on the Mexican team, who are both hotter and better at volleyball than the Texan girls.

Here are the six best moments from the ad, ranked:

6. The Tex-Mex Back-and-Forth

Tex Mex back and forth

5. The Mexican Block

Mexico block


4. The Mexicans Run 'Hit The White Guy' Play

playcall hit the white guy

3. The Hot Tex-Mex Stare-Down

hot tex mex staredown


2. The Texas Water Shower

Texas water squirt

1. The Mexican Butt Slap

Mexico ass slap

And here is the full ad, for your viewing pleasure: