Seth MacFarlane Denounces Fake Family Guy Video

• April 16, 2013 3:04 pm


About 30 minutes ago Seth MacFarlane sent out the following tweet:

MacFarlane's responding to this P.O.S. edit job some clown on the Internet jammed together from two different Family Guy episodes:

The clip's been marinating in the sick underbelly of the Internet and some community poster coughed it up on Buzzfeed where it detracts from such hard-hittng edited content as video of a Chow puppy and a list of tips for making birthday cakes. (Buzzfeed has since removed the post.)

It just goes to show that, even as Americans charge forward in response to the terror attack, the scourges of humanity find ways to get their rocks off. Let's hope YouTube removes the video posthaste.

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