Matthews Mocks Hannity Talking to 10 Percent of the Country (To Audience of Six Percent)

Chris Matthews / YouTube

On his show Wednesday evening, Chris Matthews attempted to mock Fox News hosts Hannity and Laura Ingraham by denigrating the size of their audiences.

"I know what their business is, keep the audiences growing and they do, they talk to maybe 10 percent of the country," he said. Matthews averaged 1.8 million viewers in January, compared to Hannity's 3 million. Which means that if Hannity is talking to ten percent of the country, then Matthews is talking to just six percent of the country.

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Matthews doesn't know much about growing his viewership, though he was finally able to crack the top 10 in cable news this month.

Hannity was the number one cable news host for all of 2018, averaging 3.25 million total viewers. Matthews was left out of the top 10, behind Fox News's daytime coverage. He averaged just 1.6 million viewers.