March Madness Hits the Substandard: NCAAs, Hoyas, and the Last Curse

Jim McIsaac / Staff

What better way to get ready for tonight's NCAA men's final than to listen to a rare Substandard micro-episode on sports!

Jonathan Last and I take a walk down bracketology lane. (As it turns out, the winner of every other tournament was Fred Barnes, who promised a pizza party that never came.)

We then get into a discussion of Hoya Kremlinology—speculating on the future of Georgetown hoops, how JTIII was fired, and what to make of the role played by the Old Man. Washington Free Beacon executive editor Sonny Bunch speculates it could be Patrick Ewing. This has just been confirmed so once again, Sonny is right. (That was very difficult for me to type just now.)

Ewing is Georgetown's patron saint. But his dream was to coach in the pros. I guess he'll take this in the meantime (and I presume his son will remain an assistant coach), keeping this all in the family. That's got to please the Old Man, who will continue coming to the games and no doubt advise his former star player.

We then turn into a Very Special Episode when Jonathan reveals his connection to Georgetown—it's an ending almost as sad as Fred Brown's errant pass.