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• August 12, 2013 1:11 pm


At the outset of August recess, with D.C.’s mouth-breathing ruling class out of town, the last thing I expected was to witness a third-party ticket barnstorming in the Imperial City. But 9:30 Club was the perfect setting for Killer Mike and El-P—two of hip-hop's most grandiose personalities—to become Run The Jewels and announce their candidacies smack dab in the belly of This Town.

Run The Jewels Instagram

Run The Jewels Instagram


"Run The Jewels" is this here Blog’s soundtrack.

Made with reckless abandon, "Run The Jewels" the album was a free digital release sandwiched between "Yeezus" and "Magna Carter, Holy Grail." Run The Jewels the concert's kinetic and unpredictable energy ran laps around the lumbering Legends of the Summer tour co-headlined by Jay Z and Justin Timberlake. El-P and Killer Mike rip through their radio-favorite rivals by sheer force of nature.

The Run The Jewels Party harnesses paranoia toward the federal government and combines it with a brash fearlessness that speaks to young voters and independents.

Mike Bigga crushed the stage, rumbling through his set from the pugnacious "Big Beast" to the requiem "Reagan." El-P manically flutters around the stage, going "The Full Retard." When their powers combine as Run The Jewels, Mike Bigga and El become the hip-hop Jason Williams and Shaq.

If congressman Trey Radel is a "hip-hop conservative," then Killer Mike is a "hip-hop evangelical." Speaking with the passion and cadences of a preacher to his flock, Killer Mike's rhetorical gifts and personal politics makes him a credible agent to convey conservatism at the top of the ticket of the Run The Jewels Party. Compared to Killa Kill, Radel is a hip-hop RINO.

"I come from where we lived below our means and where we did shit with our money and took the money and invested it," said Mike Render to the WFB. After years of fitfully starting and stopping, Render finally reached his dream of becoming an entrepreneur and job creator by opening a barbershop in Atlanta that he hopes to franchise one day.

Killer Mike Instagram

Killer Mike Instagram

Render won’t know how the Affordable Care Act will affect his business until the law begins in earnest in October. The MC also agrees with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that the United States will one day emulate Europe's single-payer system.

"We need to figure out how to prevent sickness and reform how we think about health in this country," said Render.

Render is also troubled by the revelations of NSA leaker Edward Snowden, saying the PRISM surveillance program is eroding freedoms and bringing America closer to becoming a police state.

Campaigning in Washington during the latest flare-up over whether the Redskins should be renamed, the hip-hop evangelical sides supports changing the name of the franchise.

Killer Mike and El-P head the Run The Jewels Party with a fundamental disdain for the status quo.

Run The Jewels Instagram

Run The Jewels Instagram

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